Community Health Innovation

Community Health Innovation CIC supports health and social care staff who want to create positive change for people and communities.

We give you powerful tools for increasing your personal effectiveness as a leader and you will learn how to develop creative ideas, communicate those ideas and attract the support you need to make those ideas real.

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We are currently recruiting for our next cohort of the CHI Programme starting at the end of September 2016

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CHI Impact on Healthcare

Our Impact on Healthcare

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CHI Impact on People

Our Impact on People

Embedding leadership and innovation skills that transform people.

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Diverse, different, innovative and inspiring. I would recommend it to all nurses, HVs and others who want to make a positive difference


I have learned many skills through out the programme but more importantly it has helped me to tackle my self doubt.


This programme was in a class of its own compared to any other programme of study that I have ever had the privilege to undertake.


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